Flight Nine - March 25, 2017
Balloon Size: 3000 gram
Payload Weight: 4.2 pounds
Neck Lift: 9.5 pounds
Free Lift: 5.3 pounds or 126%
Ascent Rate: Shooting for 1200/minute
Descent Rate: Shooting for 1600/minute
Burst Altitude (predicted): 120,000
Burst Altitude (actual): 109,957
HAM Call Signs: W0NY-3 and W0NY-4
Launch Location: South of Motley, MN
Post Flight Data (PDF Format): Click Here
HAB Amateur Radio Record Book: 88th Place : Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning Record Book

Here were the predicted paths of the flight using two models.

HAB HUB ASTRA High Altitude Balloon Flight Planner

Here is the actual flight path recorded by flight data.

APRS.fi recorded data of actual flight path. Used a Big Red Bee primary tracker.
APRS.fi recorded data of actual flight path. Used a Big Red Bee primary tracker.
path path
Looking from the south. Notice how fast the drop was after the pop. Looking from the north. Notice how fast the drop was after the pop.
Cory getting everything ready so they can take over A little debrief on payload packing Kids doing what has been practiced. Count down begins
Checking with Al to see if trackers are reporting Cam running the Helium tanks Team work at it's best
Two friends making memories Getting close to launch. Working as a team Oliver and Sara
Good friends Aleah and Ashlee Launch. Now the fun begins Watching the balloon's progress on our mobile devices
We had a small convoy We have touchdown Excited kids running to pick up their payload
Kids running back with their prize Group photo at the landing zone Small debrief and some congratulations

Now for the good stuff. Here are a bunch of pictures and videos from the flight. We flew 3 GoPro Session cameras and 2 360fly cameras. Enjoy!!

00 00
Launching from Al and Shirley Doree's 15 acre field south of Motley, MN On it's way up
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Getting close ot the cloud desk Closer yet. View is getting wider too
00 00
Nice view of the Earth. Balloon has already burst Love this shot. Notice all the balloon fragments
00 00
Another great angle of the balloon fragments Payloads got flipped on their wild ride home. The Earth looks AWESOME!!
00 00
Our landing zone from a couple hundred feet Perfect landing zone. Nice plowed field
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Great balloon pop picture at 109,957 feet Just love the rounded Earth from over 100,000 feet. Shot with a 360fly.
The year of the TEDx on Gull Lake at Maddens. Notice the peep. Kids wanted to see if the peep was affected by the lack of pressure. The Dr. Who Lego guy represents their payload design. Love this shot!!
GoPro shooting the little Peep, Dr. Who and the TEDx Logo. Kids wanted to see if the pressure would have an affect on the Peep. The Dr. Who Lego guy represented their payload.
360Fly Camera Shooting the flight facing down. It captures some interesting footage. Love the rounded world effect.
360Fly Camera Shooting the flight up. Captures a really nice balloon pop at 109.957 feet.
Landing video shot from one of the chase cars. Pretty cool to get see the balloon come back to Earth.

We had a great showing at both the launch site and the landing zone. Lots of parents and families came out to support their kids with this awesome project. We have many people to thank. A special thanks to Sara Sherman and Discovery Horse for our wonderful team building activity. We could see the role this played with our kids from day one. Everybody had a wonderful and meaningful experience. They worked great as a team to accomplish this launch.

Thanks to Greg at BigRedBee Trackers. He is the maker of the trackers we are using. They worked like clockwork. We lost one tracker at burst altitude which was a result of the battery slipping it's holder. Easy fix for next flight.